NecroVirus™ Zombie Survivor’s Journal: First Entry

Murphy and I were alone in the city.  Well I say alone – but that’s if you don’t count the zombies…then it’s more like a horrible party that you can’t leave and never ends…

We couldn’t hold up in the buildings cause, guess what, there are zombies there too.  Of course, in the open is no good unless you have a wide open space – but “city living is the life for we…”.

So we’ve spent the day, Murph firing at the zombies with his bow (silent but with his skill, not so deadly – i.e. occasional hand to hand) and me doing most the heavy lifting – literally – trying to build our shelter in the middle of an intersection.

To our west is a collection of wrecked auto parts.

The view to the east is very rustic – made up of tree limbs, crates, barrels, and as many chunks of concrete as I could quietly move.

Our north is actually the remains of a bus (that was a ton of fun dragging into place).

And to our south are some concrete barriers that were there when we got here – that’s probably our sturdiest section.

We have heard other gunshots, so I know we have others out there trying to stay alive…at least I hope the zombies can’t work a gun…can’t think about that right now…

Our first order of business is to get some sleep – we’ve been at this all day and late into the night.

Not so easy when you have shirts for blankets and paper bags for pillows…but exhaustion is the great equalizer.


–Written by Todd Porter

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