NecroVirus is now on KickStarter!

Our flagship game is now available for support on Kickstater!

From there, you can see our pledge levels, backer rewards, check out updates from the BoardCraft team. We’re looking to fund our BoardCraft game development platform to allow anyone, anywhere to develop and print their own board game in 2D and 3D.

What if anyone could make or customize a new board game with ease?

That’s our vision with BoardCraft—to give you a system that makes it easy to design your own board game complete with professional quality 2D and 3D components and print it all out on a 3D, ink jet, or laser printer.

We are providing you with an awesome game to play and customize called NecroVirus. NecroVirus is a gritty zombie-themed tabletop game that is played using expandable base game boards that link together with 2D or 3D game pieces. The game is customizable in multiple ways including map layout and scale, play style, rules, cards and game pieces.

We’re proud of the great play experience in NecroVirus, but we’re really excited that it proves out the core BoardCraft system. Our vision for BoardCraft is a community portal for the PC that allows anyone to build their own professionally designed boardgame and 2D or 3D print the components at home or order them online.

Quite simply: Build. Print. Play.


By backing NecroVirus, you’ll be able to enjoy this amazing game plus help realize the BoardCraft portal to allow you and everyone else in the community to do what we’ve done: design a kick-ass game and then share it with friends to expand all our play options.

We know that once the gaming community gets their hands on BoardCraft and NecroVirus it will open up whole new possibilities for game design and the way people play board games, and we need your help to make it happen!

What if I don’t have a 3D printer (or even an ink jet or laser printer)?

No problem! You can secure your own 2D or 3D copy of the game as part of this Kickstarter. In the future you can print out your own 3D or 2D parts if you get a printer, you can use a printer at a local Maker studio, or you can always order new parts directly from us!

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