Amazing GENCON 2015!

We want to thank all the gamers that came to play NecroVirus™ at GENCON 2015!!

We had gamers ready to play from the moment we arrived until the moment we left late in the night.

Feedback was unbelievable with over 40 response cards filled out and it was overwhelmingly positive with many going to our Kickstarter to get their own copy.

We also had a large crowd surrounding our table and many were as interested in NecroVirus™ as our newly announced Dungeon tiles for fantasy gaming.

We need your help – we want to greatly lower the cost of gaming terrain whether it is indoors or outdoors so please get the word out and support us!

For those wanting to know what it’s like to play NecroVirus™, we will be putting up the images of the feedback cards to show the words from actual gamers after first playing the game – they LOVE NecroVirus™!

For those wanting to know what’s next in our genre release after our Dungeon Tiles, you’ll have to wait until August 7th and our RTX announcement!

Gamers, please come out to Austin and see NecroVirus™, our Dungeon Tiles, and our new tiles – which we’re confident will blow gamers away.

Oh, and we will have two 3D printers running in our booth throughout the show printing miniatures with your names and handing them out – so stop by our booth!

Endless thanks to our supporters and backers – please keep helping us get the word out and let’s make this technology available to ALL gamers!!

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