Our flagship box game NecroVirus is now available for purchse from our BoardCraft store in both 3D Starter Kits and the 3D Premium version. WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK OF ALL NECROVIRUS BUILDS. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!


NecroVirus is our flagship game and the first BoardCraft™ compatible game. NecroVirus is a gritty and visually stunning game for 2-4 players that stays faithful to the zombie lore of popular books and movies. Lead your small band of survivors across the post-apocalyptic landscape as you compete against other players to stay alive and complete your mission. The game encourages careful strategic planning, stealth, and resource management, as any wrong move can mean infection and a living death for your survivors.

We think NecroVirus is an amazing game, but we also want to give you the tools to customize and change it to suit your clever ideas. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even use the BoardCraft tools to design your own entirely unique board games!