Do you have what it takes to be the next 3D character?

Do you have what it takes to be the next 3D character in an upcoming Beta release of BoardCraft™?!

Good Evening!! Nearly 65,000 people on Facebook engaged the opportunity that will be presented to become a 3D character in one of three (3) different BoardCraft™ games. We are still patiently waiting on the final touches from Legal, but do have a couple of updates.

The promotion will be available to US residents only (contiguous 48) and you must be over the age of 18 or be able to show parental consent to participate, therefore once we publish the official rules, and if you end being chosen by your fellow gamers and supporters you will have to prove your age as well parental consent if under the age of 18. We are also working out the kinks on the rules for those under 18 to be able to bring a parent should they win the promotion. The planned launch is September 5th.

For International, we regret that you can’t actually win a spot in the 3D imaging contest, but as long as you still participate and register, you will get to participate in the Beta test portion of the promotion! (You get to play one of the three Beta games for free for 15 days).

Tell your friends, re-post updates, start getting your followers geared up to vote for you and like Advanced Imagination’s Facebook fan page!

The company recently posted a general outline of what will be entailed in the contest, but in case you missed it here is the outline once again:

Advanced Imagination™ is planning on a contest where you the mighty gamer will have the opportunity to become a permanent figure in one of the three worlds that is slated for Beta Testing over the next few months.

Gamers will post pictures of themselves to the Advanced Imagination™ Facebook Fan Page in their best alter egos as a Zombie, Pirate or Civil War Soldier. Once they have posted the photos they will ask their friends to support them by liking their individual posts, but be careful, they may compete against you!

On All Hallows Eve of 2014 the competition will end, and the top 20 with the most likes will move on to the final vote amongst everyone that has liked the Advanced Imagination™ Facebook Fan Page. The top 3 from the final vote will be invited to Dallas for two days to meet with the BoardCraft™ development team, tour our facilities, stay in a not-so-swanky hotel, and a few other things, at the expense of Advanced Imagination™. The 3 finalist will each be 3D scanned and become virtual characters in the Beta Games, as well as the final releases and also be available as a 3D print character from our network of approved 3D print locations in various locations throughout the US. Everyone that registers will get to “play” one of the Beta versions that they voted their friends character into.

Everyone that participates will be given the opportunity to register at the company’s web-site and participate in the actual Beta testing of one of the three different games, two that are board games and one which is a war game at no charge before the release to the general public. Though only three (3) will be chosen to become a permanent 3D addition to the Beta test boards everyone that participates will get to play!

There is still a bit of Legal work that needs to be completed before it’s official, but that is the outline of what is being prepared for the promotion, and the above mentioned could be changed or modified without notice or obligation.


Your BoardCraft™ Team at Advanced Imagination™!

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