Addition to the BoardCraft™ 3D Virtual Eco-System Announced at SGC Gaming Convention

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Advanced Imagination™ Announces Addition to the BoardCraft™ 3D Virtual Eco-System Announced at SGC Gaming Convention

Dallas, Texas – July 11, 2014

Advanced Imagination ™, the next generation 3D Virtual Gaming Eco-System Creators of BoardCraft™; announced the addition of the Zombie Play Pack.

The development team has completed the “Zombie Town” Eco-System and 3D Printable BoardCraft™ Game Board including the associated packs designed to interact within the gaming Eco-System.

The development team made the unveiling virtually through the company’s Facebook® Fan Page and publicly with a select group of role and board gamers at the SGC Gaming Convention occurring in Dallas, Texas.

“This is an exciting milestone for the BoardCraft™ Eco-System, and showcases the advanced capabilities of building and playing your own board game virtually, or utilizing our 3D printing partner Captured Dimensions, to print your own game and play it in the real world”, remarked Todd Porter, CEO.

About Advanced Imagination™ – Advanced Imagination™ is a new, leading edge mobile gaming company founded by industry veterans who have worked with some of the most recognized gaming companies in the world.

With over 45 combined years of AAA title development, Advanced Imagination™ has a wealth of talent and passion that brings a backlog of new, ground breaking ideas to disrupt the mobile, console, tablet, and PC gaming worlds!

Advanced Imagination’s™ team is comprised of industry leaders in Engineering, Creative, Art and Development. This multi-disciplined group has worked with major players in the game industry such as EA, Atari, Sega, Microsoft, Epic and Ion Storm. Having left a legacy of amazing game products in their wake, this talented team plans to launch a collection of original technologies designed to unsettle current state of the art. Advanced Imagination’s flagship gaming Eco-system BoardCraft™ is slated for release in late 2015 and the company has offices in Dallas, Texas and Mountain View, California.


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