Todd Porter

President and Chief Executive Officer

Todd Porter has been developing games since he was a child. His first games, in fact, were board games he built out of wood and cardboard to entertain his 6 siblings. As a 30 year veteran in the computer games industry, Todd has worked for legendary companies from Penguin Software, Origin Systems Inc., Strategic Simulations, Inc., and culminating with his co-founding of the legendary Ion Storm, Inc. – the largest computer game company of its time.

Todd has been a part of some of the largest selling titles in the history of the gaming market, working on Origin Systems Wing Commander and Ultima series. His career sky rocketed and after successfully securing the largest game contract in history for his new company Ion Storm – which he founded with industry legends John Romero, Tom Hall and Jerry O’Flaherty – he was featured in the July 1998 Time Magazine, as well as the October 1998 Fast Company.

Since that time he has been a serial entrepreneur starting and selling numerous companies, and creating products that have sold millions of units worldwide. Known for both his Product and Business development acumen, he has won many software industry awards including Video Maker Magazines and CNETS; “Best product of 2002”. He is also a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association and is the sole named inventor on 7 different patents in the gaming and video technology space.

Over the past two decades, Todd has led teams creating 35 commercial multi-media hardware and software titles including AAA computer games and the award winning Dazzle Audio/Video products.